Your company needs to deal with a competitive concern, expand its market, analyze a troubling business condition, or locate new opportunities.

We should be your first stop.  Flexible and comprehensive market analysis skills without staffing concerns.  

  1. Supplement your market analysis staff with additional skills,
  2. Tackle a special project with badly needed extra bandwidth, or
  3. Complete outsourcing of your market analysis needs.
Competitive Intelligence
Expert competitive financial assessment,
Competitive Sales Intelligence,
Competitor profiles,
Competitive Tracking and Market Share Estimation,
Regulatory competitive assessments,
Testified and presented before state commissions on competition issues
Economic Analysis
Regulatory Witness Support
Direct Testimony
Cost Studies
Pricing Analysis
Elasticity Measurement
Demand and Revenue Modeling
Customer Retention Studies
Econometric Analysis
Data mining and Billing Validation
Statistical Studies
Demand and Revenue Forecasting
Time Series Modeling
Load Forecasting (Electricity Customers)
Statistical modeling
Market Segmentation     
Customer Segmentation and Prioritization 
New market assessment
Market sizing of new product initiatives
Technology Impact Assessment
Market Research
Domestic & International
Quantitative & Qualitative Methodologies and Analysis
Executive Interviews & Focus Groups
Market Research Management